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The following are online support groups to help those who have lost loved ones themselves or who are trying to console others who have lost loved ones.  They offer comfort, advice, a lending ear as well as chat rooms, message boards, and much more to help in the grieving stage. Click here for more poems and inspirational words from people who care. Click here for a list of health organizations.

General Support
 w Journey of Hearts: A Healing Place in CyberSpace
 w Death & Dying
 w Center for Loss & Renewal
 w Centering Corporation - Grief Resource Guide
 w With Eyes Open
 w Support
 w Kidsaid

Support for Mothers/Parents
w MISS - Mothers in support & sympathy
 w Bereaved Moms
 w Mothers with Angels
 w Crisis, Grief, and Healing: Men and Women
 w Healing Hearts
 w Alive Alone
 w Angel Babies Forever Loved
 w Hugs, Help and Hope from Angel Hugs
 w Ray of Hope
 w Parents of Murdered Children
 w Bereaved Families Online Support Center
 w The Compassionate Friends

Related Links
w On Your Own Terms - Moyers on Dying
 w Final Thoughts Life Planning Solutions
 w Before I Die
 w Last Rights

Religious Support
 w National Catholic Ministry to the Bereaved
 w The Shiva Foundation


Click here for more poems and inspirational words from people who care.
These authors are willing to share their stories and their hearts to help comfort you
and your loved ones through these difficult times.

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