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How long before the memorial is posted?
Basic memorials will be posted within two weeks.  Photographs, video clips and any other additional information being sent in the mail will be processed and posted within one week of receipt. 
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Can I make changes to the memorial in the future?
Yes, you may make changes to your memorial at any time.  To do so you must include the password which you originally submitted to us when you posted the memorial.  This will verify your identity.  When sending materials by mail, please make sure to mark each item on the back with the memorialized person's name and your password.  You may email your changes to, please make sure to include the memorial name and your password! 

Changes will be updated within two weeks upon receipt.

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How do I submit photographs?
You may email your photographs to and please be sure to include the name of the memorial and your password with any updates.
If you are sending original photographs, please mail to:
c/o AAccess Communications
410 Saw Mill River Road
Ardsley, New York 10502

Please be sure to include the memorial name and your password on every item that you are sending. Your information will be returned to you if you include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Don't forget, your memorial includes 3 photographs, each additional photograph, sound clip or video clip costs an additional $10 each. Please include check, money order or credit card number + expiration date + cardholder name with each order. 

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How do I add my own music, sound or video clips?
Video clips must be in standard mpeg or .avi format.   Sound files must be in standard .wav or .mid format.  Music files must be in standard .mid format.  All information must be emailed to us at
Please remember that multimedia updates to a memorial cost $10 each. Please include your credit card number, expiration and cardholder name with each update order. You may also email files separately, making sure to include the memorial name and your password with each update.  Please note music or clips will not be added until credit card has been validated.
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